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Essager 65W GaN USB Type C Charger For Laptop PPS 45W 25W Fast Charge For Samsung QC3.0 PD3.0 For IPhone14 13 Pro Phone Chagers

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    We have four specifications, the EU US UK KR, The EU and KR are similar, but the dimensions are different. The diameter of the exposed part of the Korean standard is 4.8mm, and the diameter of the exposed part of the European standard is 4.0mm. Please distinguish before purchase
    Q1: Why is there a short power outage when charging two or three devices at the same time?
    A1: When multiple devices are connected at the same time, plugging in a new device or unplugging any device from the charger will cause a brief charging pause for other devices.
    This brief outage is due to the redistribution of power from the charger. (When you connect 3 devices, power will be efficiently distributed among the three ports to ensure you get the best possible charge.)
    Q2: How to get the best performance from All charging ports?
    A2: When you need to use 2 or more charging ports at the same time, in order to maximize the output power, if you are charging two devices at the same time, it is recommended to use the C1+C2(65W Max)/C1+A(63W Max) ports first used, it is not recommended to use a combination of C2 + A, as the power output will be small in this case.
    Q3: Why can’t the charger use fast charge?
    A3: Our chargers are compatible with most fast charging protocols, but except for a small number of devices that cannot support fast charging, (for example, xiaomi devices do not support turbo fast charging). Please confirm whether your device supports it before purchasing. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service.
    *Newest GaN Technology
    *3 Port Fast Charger
    *Comprehensive protection
    * Compatible with most fast charging protocols
    * 65W fast charging, for Macbook Pro13, it only takes About 1 hour to charge to 75%
    If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, we will Give You a professional answer within 24 hours, thank you
    Essager Team

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